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These are websites and projects that I have made or have been involved in making

My Drupal Site

February 2016 Update: I’ve taken this down and am hopefully going to do a full redesign.

I have been trying to learn Drupal on and off for a while, and now I finally have a decent project to work on. I have a small library of about 400+ books which I plan to catalog on this site so yes this is a very personal project. Its definitely a work in progress and I simply love the robustness of Drupal 7 as well as its new admin section. I am using the newly incorporated Fields module ( I think it used to be CCK before it got incorporated into Drupal core), I have custom taxonomy and a have integrated the WYSIWYG module for formatted text editing. Currently I am in the works of getting all my books listed in a spreadsheet and then I’ll upload them all (I have to see if batch upload is possible). I’ll then theme the site to my liking.

Technologies used: Drupal, Photoshop

Canon Website Reimagining

When I created this site, Canon Canada had an appalling website. I decided to take a crack at improving it. The challenge I set myself was that this should be an HTML only site and all the manipulations were to be done by Javascript and CSS alone. I ended up building a whole site which was only really one HTML file. The website never got completed, but the concept is complete and its fully functioning as it should.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS2, Javascript

Minitwit Mock Twitter site

This was an individual project of mine to create a mock twitter-like site. It has user registration and login and the ability for users to edit and submit their posts. Viewers can view all posts but only the author of the post may edit or delete their post.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Find-a-Sitter Website

This was a group project that I did with Trudy Agyeman and Marina Aloyshinova at Humber College. They were responsible for the design while I was responsible for building the backend and the database.

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, MySQL, jQuery