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WordPress “Duplicator” Plugin – the Miracle Code

Recently I had to create an ecommerce site using WooCommerce and after I had setup the bulk of it and configured it to my liking on my local host I was looking for a way to migrate it to a live server.  I had migrated WordPress sites before but this was the first time I had to do one with a WooCommerce setup.

There were a lot of tutorials out there that seemed to give instruction on what should be a seamless and easy process but it was anything but. It seems that most of those tutorials are simply for plain WordPress sites without any fancy configurations (like WooCommerce) I was able to move the basic WP site and its theme settings and appearance but not of my products or product categories transferred over.

WooCommerce had extensions available that allow you to export and then import your store but they all cost money or didn’t work the way I wanted to.

Enter “Duplicator”. OH – MY – GOD. This was the simplest move of a wordpress site I had ever done. It took the minimum amount of steps and the whole process was as painless as could possibly be. It will package your entire site up and then give you an installer file to use with the file. Then you just upload the package and the installer.php into your server, call the installer.php, enter your new site URL and file location and DB info and you’re done. It was like a WordPress Batman. I could not recommend it enough. Please visit their site, download the plugin, use it and spread the word.

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Kebsah with Lamb Shanks

Did I mention that I was a massive foodie? Well I don’t just like to eat great food buy love to cook too.

This was a dish I made called Kebsah with Lamb. The basic difference between Kebsah ( which is a middle eastern dish) and biryani is that Biryani has a yogurt base, while Kebsah has a tomato-base.

This was my first attempt at making this dish and it came out quite wonderful. I worked of a few recipes and figure out how to adjust the flavors myself.

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