Alison's Montessori 2007 Catalog

Blast from the Past: Catalog Design

When I originally joined this company I was only meant to manage its website and nothing more, but hoo boy did I do more.

I was responsible for renovating the entire website including creating a new company logo, reorganizing the warehouse, taking product photos (for which I learned green screen techniques, lighting techniques, etc), editing those product photos (for which I learned Photoshop), creating its first catalog (for which I learned InDesign and Illustrator) and I even helped in constructing its office for which I learned how to do framing, and putting up drywall and running electrical cable. NO JOKE.

So this is the cover of that catalog which was done back in 2006 in New York City, before my big move to Canada. Since then the company has grown to be a multi-million revenue outfit, and I am sure my contribution played a huge role in its success.

Alison's Montessori 2007 Catalog

BTW, I drew that picture.

Here’s a link to a few pages of the catalog: Alisons_catalog_2007_reduced