Autodesk Sites

While I was working for Autodesk back in 2009-10 I have made a bunch of web pages for them. Unfortunately most of them are gone now. I was still able to find 2 that I made. In fact the CSS file still has my name in them :).

Well anyways here are the two sites:

Autodesk Masters Nominees 2009

Every year the Autodesk Media and Entertainment division used to have a competition where people would submit the names of experts in the field who had done remarkable work in the 3D, Gaming industry using Autodesk software. So every yeah they get a list of nonimees and then members of the forum get to vote for their top pick. I made all the primary page as well as the child pages with the details of all the nominees.

Autodesk Rendering Revolution

As many of you know, Autodesk is THE #1 company for 3D imaging (they just buy off everyone). This is a site to show off some 3rd Party Partner software that work in conjunction with the many titles Autodesk has.

While Autodesk was a .NET shop in general. The Area website was hosted on an NGINX platform and running on PHP.

One of the most painful things that I had to do for these sites was to make them look good in every available browser as far back as IE6. IE6 was no picnic. We are thankful for its death.

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS2, Javascript